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Books exhibition in Avilanian library to celebrate the Tenth international Day


By: Ricardo Benitez Fumero                                  Inauguran muestra de libros en biblioteca avileña por dia mundial de la décima

Translation: Elvira Crespo (Surco)

Confesiones del escriba, by Rigoberto Fernandez and Los tragicos amores de Gloria Rangel, by Chanito Isidron, are two of the books exhibited in the provincial library Roberto Rivas Fraga, in Ciego de Avila, on the occasion of the international day of the tenth.

Yusmaidi Marrero Nuñez, Director of the institution, said that, however the recent damage caused by Irma hurricane, the writers of the patio are intended to celebrate with modest activities at the boulevard and other facilities of the Avilanian capital.

The Director said that in the library, both in rooms and in the lobby, the public may consult other texts, among them the anthologies  Tamarindo dulce; La sombra en la espiga canta and Viajera intacta del sueño, as well as the poetry books Cuando la decimal es, by Rafael Solenzar and No dejen volar al buey, by Gilfredo Boan.

The international day of the tenth is celebrated each September 30 since 1998 by unanimous agreement of poets and researchers from Spanish-speaking countries, also leads the occasion to celebrate the date of birth of the Cuban Jesus Orta Ruiz, the Indio Nabori.

Key Words: Tenth, library, writers, anthologies, Spanish-speaking countries

Almost ready the Avilanian Sports School

By: Yanosik Toré Agete                                         Escuela de Iniciación Deportiva (EIDE) Marina Samuel Noble de Ciego de Ávila

Translation: Elvira Crespo (Surco)

The Avilanian Sports School “Marina Samuel Noble” begins to recover slowly from the ravages of Irma Hurricane, thanks to the efforts of students and workers, who are determined to return it to normal.

More info in Spanish at: http://www.radiosurco.icrt.cu/es/deportes/9201-rescatan-escuela-deportiva-de-ciego-de-avila

Art to mitigate the pain in Ciego de Avila


Translation: Elvira Crespo (Surco)                Rumbávila Fusión

By: Lisandra López Pérez (ACN)

As an incentive to mitigate the pain before the destruction which left in its wake Hurricane Irma, the sector of culture in Ciego de Avila program activities for victims in various parts of the province.

Diverse manifestations of art will arrive to the most affected communities of the territory: the municipalities of Florencia, Bolivia, Chambas and Moron and the village of Punta Alegre, according to publish the Avilanian T.V digital site.

In Bolivia starting from this Wednesday will be the company Rumbavila Fusion and the humorous duo the Fonoaritmeticos, whose members belong to the Teatro Primero Group.

Also will be part of this tour the Polichinela Puppet and the musical group Alejandro and his Onyx, the latter included in a national tour sponsored by the Cuban Institute of Music, rescheduled after the path of the hurricane

 Different groups like Los Mariachis, Eliseo Simon and his Artnight will be in this tour, as well as soloists Martha Heron and Patricia Hernandez, Campo Lindo and the Intermezzo Orchestra.

In the midst of the severe damage caused by this phenomenon, bringing art to people with greater impact is a gesture of humanity and a way to relieve the pain to the devastating picture that left the weather phenomenon.

Key Words: Art, Irma hurricane, pain, communities, tour

Dunes of insular Caribbean receive protection


By: Lubia Ulloa Trujillo (ACN)                    Dunas del Caribe insular reciben acciones de cuidado

Translation: Elvira Crespo (Surco)

The highest dunes of the insular Caribbean, located in Jardines del Rey tourist area, to the North of Ciego de Avila, receive actions of care for being coastal ecosystems that protect beaches.

These barriers of sand, with 15 meters above the sea level on Pilar Beach in Cayo Guillermo; and 10 and 14 meters the Loma del Puerto, in Cayo Coco, benefiting with wooden walkways supported on piles, from the hotels to the bathroom areas, thus avoiding its deterioration by the influx of people.

As part of the program for the conservation of biodiversity for some years in the Sabana-Camagüey Archipelago, it is being working in reforestation with native plants of the coastal zone, said Rafael Perez Carmenate, provincial delegate of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.

These tasks, short term, are part of the Government program Tarea Vida, which is materialized throughout the country to protect the ecosystems where endemic species of flora and fauna exists, said Perez Carmenate.

Tarea Vida facilitated, moreover, to recover with the shedding of 830 thousand cubic meters of sand about eight kilometers of beaches in the Coco, Guillermo and Paredon Grande keys, in Avilanian Northern, affected by erosion, which allows to minimize the effects of the climate change and constructive activity in the region.

Dunes classified among the natural attributes more attractive for tourists visiting the Northern Avilanian keys, for being very nice places in sight, due to the great variety of species.

Jardines del Rey currently has 6,000 rooms in 17 hotels, and is very attractive for its pleasant environment, equipped with an exuberant nature, in which stand out more than 40 km of beautiful beaches.

Key Words: Dunes, insular Caribbean, Guillermo and Coco Keys, wooden walkways, piles, hotels, biodiversity, Sabana-Camaguey

Started delegates nomination with a high voter turnout in Ciego de Avila


Translation: Elvira Crespo (Surco)

Photo Albert Fajardo                                        Comenzó nominación de candidatos en Ciego de Ávila

By: Iván Paz Nogueira

Ciego de Avila began Monday, meetings of nominating delegates to the municipal assemblies of people’s power with a high voter turnout.

Renowned colleagues were put forward in the first meetings in neighborhoods, including district 71, of the provincial capital, where voters selected the journalist Jorge Luis Delgado Felipe, delegate from four mandates ago.

Meetings continue Tuesday in all the councils of the territory with the necessary assurance for the quality of the process, said Celeste Acebedo Mayedo, Secretary of the Provincial Electoral Commission.

In more than 1800 areas nomination assemblies will be held in Ciego de Avila that have the support of mass organizations and students responsible for observing compliance with the electoral law.

Key Words: nominating delegates, People’s Power, voters, journalist, quality of the process, electoral law

More than 370 schools start in Ciego de Avila today


By: Miladis Causilla Cutiño                   Escuelas cubanas

Translation: Elvira Crespo (Surco)

Photo ACN

Continue the work towards quality and the rigor of the educational teaching process, constitute pillars of the school year 2017-2018, which opens its doors today in all the educational centers of Ciego de Avila.

Barbara Rodriguez Milian, provincial director of this sector in the Avilanian territory, said that 373 schools will work, from which more than 80 received maintenance or repair work.

She added that as in previous years, persists the deficit of teachers, with the greatest needs in the municipalities of Ciego de Avila and Moron, shortcomings that will be supplemented by contracts per hour, the University contingent, members of the boards of management of schools and the support of specialists from other sectors.

Prior to the start of the school year there was analyzed in each center the enrollment, number of hours/class per educator, the composition of the cloister as well as the material basis of study, said Milian Rodriguez

Key Words: schools, rigor, educational teaching process, University contingent, school year, cloister